D16N stands for Data Virtualization

A ultimate handbook for new approach of data solution that unifies data silos into a single view, without physically moving data from data pipelines.

Today, as data become one of the most critical component for all enterprise. Companies have so many different databases, files scattered in different business units and departments. In the past, having a holistic view of all data points is a painful process, now you have a better solution that is D16N.

According to Gartner Market Guide for Data Virtualization, by 2022, 60% of all organizations will implement data virtualization as one key delivery style in their data integration architecture.

1. What is D16N?

D16N is an abbreviation of Data Virtualization, also known as DV. The concept of D16N is simple, you think as an abstraction layer on top all data sources become a single big virtual database, that you can join any table that relies at any data sources.
For example, you have 10 MySQL, 10 Oracle databases, and a few files you need to cross join and aggregate tables of all these sources. Through D16N technology, you can connect all these sources and become a single virtual database, and query all data like operating with a single database, without moving your data.

2. What D16N is NOT?

D16N is a technology that you can process your data without moving your data, that abstract your computing and your storages.

It is NOT...
  • A Data Warehouse (EDW) that storage and move all your data into a single database.
  • A Virtual Machine (VM) that virtualized your servers, OS, etc.
  • An ETL tool to extract your data from source, transfrom and load into a new place.
  • A Data storage technology, that helps you store data from homogeneous sources.

3. Why the D16N?

Today, data-driven decision making is critial for enterprises, to make faster and accurate decision is key for long-term success. However, most companies now fail to deliver such process because of the huge data infrastructure it is facing.

D16N makes decision making agile, the lightweight installation make implementation progress fast and simple.

Lightweight Installation

Increase productivity and agility of both business data users and IT (50%-90%)

Cost Saving

Reduce the cost of infrastructure and the cost of maintaining data warehouse.

Faster to Insights

Accelerate time-to-value and improve business insights.

Single View of Sources

Virtually connect all your data sources into a single view, and query aggregated data through a single interface.

Data Security and Privacy

Data sharing within enterprises are always a challenge, making share data security and privacy with a virtual environment.

Reduce Data Replication

Moving data around has always makes huge bottleneck and errors in enterprises, with D16N you can easily get data without duplicating it.